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Congratulations to the Marathoners!

Congratulations to Jenn and Tim for completing the 2010 Disney Marathon. More on the trip later.

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Score one for the Good Guys

I hate squirrels. One block diet agrees.

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Workouts – Back to Basics

Today I began something that I should probably have been doing all along. It might have averted the little tiny problem I had last fall. That thing is: core workouts every day. Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t plan to put … Continue reading

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Not all Attention is Good Attention

It’s invariably a bad thing when you read an item on Pharygunla and it clicks through to your home region’s newspaper. We’ve had a bit too many of those here in Georgia. Apparently a married couple in Summerville decided to … Continue reading

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New Project: A Year in Pictures Volume 1

I’ve made it a goal to carry my camera more and take pictures frequently. Last calendar year was spotty. This year will be helped by my new phone which has a reasonable camera on it.1 In order to facilitate that … Continue reading

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I Have Ideas. I Don't Have Time

An excellent point is made in this Indexed about ideas. If only we had infinite time and resources to pursue things.

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Social Media should be Taken Seriously

People who use social media because a marketeer has told them “You really should be on Twitter” shouldn’t. Why? It leads to embarrassing moments. John Oxendine, prospective governor of Georgia, has been caught using Twitter for the sake of promotion … Continue reading

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I Want to Live in The Future (Or, Where is my Jetpack)

Our Jetpacks are closer than we think. I want to live in the future, and talks like this tell me that we’re getting there, fast.

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