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Why I will Never be a Politician

I will never be a politician. One of the reasons is because if I were, I’d have to say stuff like this: The process used to get this bill to 60 votes was unlike anything I had never [sic] seen … Continue reading

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Amazing Video!

What’s really amazing is how much it cost. $300! (plus time)

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Happy Winter Solstice!

Well, perhaps a better title would be “Happy Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice” as I know there’s a few hits on this blog coming from south of the line. This is another day where we celebrate our annual free trip around … Continue reading

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Jenn and I and a cast of Thousands (7 total) went to see Avatar this night. I’ve been looking forward to this movie for three years and I can say that it did not disappoint. The 3D imagery was touted … Continue reading

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Busy Sunday

Psyche is very interested in the Yoga instructor. Jenn is more interested in the stretching. As you can see in the background, we have Christmas lights ready to go on the tree. The tree has been up for the last … Continue reading

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The Entire Universe in 6 Minutes

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My Little Pony Mods

Do you love Robot Chicken? Then you’ll love these My Little Pony modifications.

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Muse: Uprising

Because I just bought this album, think it’s pretty good, and want to share with you their weird video.

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The Cat House

I saw this cat-centric house via Apartment Therapy this morning and have spent too much time admiring its genius. Go to the main website and admire all of the images and movies of cats in their own abode. Then come … Continue reading

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Atlanta Mayor Demographics

The demographics of the vote for the next Atlanta Mayor are not exactly surprising. If you’re at all familiar with the city you recognize the higher income and lower income areas on the linked map. What is somewhat surprising to … Continue reading

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