A 10 Year Old Understands America

Will Phillips has come to the correct conclusion about America . Quoting from the article:

At the end of our interview, I ask young Will a question that might be a civics test nightmare for your average 10-year-old. Will’s answer, though, is good enough – simple enough, true enough – to give me a little rush of goose pimples. What does being an American mean?

“Freedom of speech,” Will says, without even stopping to think. “The freedom to disagree. That’s what I think pretty much being an American represents.”

10 Year old Will decided that he would not recite the pledge of allegiance in class because he does not feel that there is truly “liberty and justice for all.” He is in strong disagreement over the country’s stand on gay rights.

I applaud Will. Good job. When he runs for president, I’ll vote for him. This is truly what America is about. Not necessarily gay rights, but the freedom to disagree with each other and to express ourselves without worrying about governmental crack downs.

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