Post Ironman: What I'm Looking Forward To

During the Ironman training and especially in late summer and early fall I put away a lot of the things I like to do, and even some of the things I’m supposed to be doing anyway, in order to devote time to training. A discussion on my Ironman training and it’s effects upon me is forthcoming, but let me digress to what I’m not most looking forward to, and how it illustrates my depressingly domestic attitudes:

  • Keeping up with the house. Holy crap you would not believe what the yard looks like. I’m glad we have tolerant neighbors. Additionally, the general state of cleanliness inside our home has suffered. This will now be addressed!
  • Actually blogging again. You’ll probably have noticed an uptick in the number of posts here that are more than just “look at this cool video”. I now have things to talk about and time to talk about them.
  • Talking Traffic revitalization. It was last spring that I last put up a podcast. This will be addressed soon.
  • Reading/Hiking/Sleeping/Cooking/Hanging Out/Having Sex. All of these items were either reduced or eliminated over the last several months. No more!
  • Home maintenance. Jenn and I are probably going to make an effort to sell this house come the spring time. We’ve got lots of things to do to the interior between now and then. None of which I had the energy for over the past little while.

It’s just so sad that I’m really looking forward to cleaning the house this weekend.

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