Cobb Police

We get bulletins from our local constabulary. They talk about the crime trends in the area and what else might be going on. Occasionally they’ll send tidbits like the following.

Something tells me there’s a lot of excitement hidden behind these dry words (this is not anywhere near our house).

102309 0500 to 102409 0055 hrs- 1049 Powers Ferry Rd- (Signature Place Apts)- victim arrived home to find her front door unlocked and damaged. An interior locking mechanism was in place denying her entrance through the door. Responding officers gained entrance through a rear window. After securing the apartment, officers were approached by a witness advising that a subject from another apartment had attempted to sell her a digital camera and a Toshiba laptop computer. The victim advised those items matched the description of property taken from her apartment. Officers went to the suspect apartment where a female denied them permission to enter the apartment. When they stated that they wanted to check on the welfare of the small children inside the apartment a black male subject slammed the door and locked it. The female subject later walked out of the apartment closing the door behind her. She was detained in the front yard. Fearing for the safety of the small children known to be inside, officers made entry. After announcing Cobb Police, the black male subject yelled that they would have to come in and get him. Officers entered the apartment and confronted the male subject laying face down on the kitchen floor. There were small children in the apartment so the male subject was escorted outside. Once outside the subject became disorderly and attempted to flee. ECD device was deployed bringing the subject into compliance. Back inside the apartment, officers located a large hole in the ceiling of the front bedroom. Not knowing if there was another suspect in the attic, officers took a tactical position. They were advised that the subject had run out the back of the apartment upon the initial contact from the officers. A search warrant was obtained for the apartment where the stolen property was recovered from the attic. Charged with Burglary and Obstruction of Officers were one juvenile black female and one juvenile black male.

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