If you liked the Ghostbusters A Capella I posted a while ago, you might like this. Warning, this is a song with one NSFW lyric in 9 part harmony.

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  1. annie says:

    NSFW? That was pretty tame in comparison to my day.

    Just today I got to repeatedly talk about men jack-hammering women in porn & how that just isn’t sexually stimulating to women. I also got to mention how Marie Bonaparte had surgery to move her clitoris closer to her vagina (because she believed the distance prevented her from getting enough stimulation to orgasm from vaginal intercourse).

    Part of my lunch conversation was about the potential differences in job satisfaction for male v. female exotic dancers. (One of my lunch partners brought up the point that the gender-composition of the audience for a male dancer might impact his satisfaction.)

    The day finished off with some other random conversation about sex – which was apparently so common that I don’t recall exactly what the main topic was.

    Oh, right, I don’t have the typical workplace.

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