Taper Time

Swim Workout

Tonight is a milestone of sorts. It was my last lengthy workout prior to my ironman. I was supposed to start tapering on Saturday last, but swimming isn’t high impact so I think I’m still safe.

From now until November 7, I’ll be doing some workouts, but they’ll be medium-intensity and short. Nothing to break down the muscles or wear out the system. This period of time is what’s called “overcompensation” in a periodization plan. It’s when the body rests and recovers from the stresses you’ve put on it and then goes a bit beyond what it had before you started.

If I’ve done everything right, I’ll be at peak fitness on race morning. That has been the thrust of the last twelve months. Did I do everything right? Frankly, no, but I’m at the point where I’m confident that I’ll complete the race and that has been the goal the whole time. I have time estimates but no time goals.

One week and three days.

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