Barack "Nobel" Obama

I saw the news this morning while I was eating breakfast and did a typical Bill “Meh” Tweet: “Obama won the Nobel for Peace. Eh? That seems weird.”

Since these tweets also get posted to my facebook page, there’s been some response, all neutral to negative.

And! All (and I mean ALL) of the blogs I read during lunch agree with my statement. Not a single story that I’ve read yet has expressed the opinion that this is a deserved award.

It seems crappy for the Nobel committee to put our President in the hot seat like this. It’s not like he can turn around and say, “Thanks guys, but no thanks.” That would really crush him internationally.

The Nobel committee seems to be making things up as they go along. I mean, sure, they awarded a prize to Kissinger, but at least he’d been around for a while. Obama has only been on the scene for a little over two years. Seems a bit premature to be giving him the preeminent prize for securing world peace. Especially because he doesn’t seem all that interested in stopping the war in Afghanistan.

Ah well.

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