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From a Slow Runner: Bite Me

The Athena Diaries pointed me toward this NYTimes article. Here’s a quote from late in the story: Longtime marathoners like Julia Given, a 46-year-old marketing director from Charlottesville, Va., still find ways to differentiate the “serious runners” from those at … Continue reading

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If you liked the Ghostbusters A Capella I posted a while ago, you might like this. Warning, this is a song with one NSFW lyric in 9 part harmony.

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Taper Time

Tonight is a milestone of sorts. It was my last lengthy workout prior to my ironman. I was supposed to start tapering on Saturday last, but swimming isn’t high impact so I think I’m still safe. From now until November … Continue reading

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T Minus 14 Days

At this time, in two weeks, I’ll be hitting the water. I think I’ll go bike a hundred miles to celebrate.

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I seem to be on a Youtube kick recently. Watch out for the monkey.

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It's Magic!

How could I possibly change this setting?

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Saturday Morning Fun

Here I sit, procrastinating on some of the work I must do, and I find this. Much fun. Especially the animation. The robot is pretty cool, too.

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Faster than a Speeding Bullet

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Work work work

Today’s goals: Finish writing the draft of a grant application (for work) Clean up the drywall dust from some contractor operations (for home) Drink coffee (well under way) Run 8 miles (later) Possibly socialize (if we’re lucky) Spend time with … Continue reading

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Ironman Florida: 4 Weeks to Go

I’m sitting at my desk (except when I’m taking pictures of the desk) contemplating 28 days left until the race. Today is a light training day as I’m in a rest week of my periodization plan. Two more intense weeks … Continue reading

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