Scott Sigler's The Rookie

The Rookie Limited Edition
Do you like Football? Do you like Science Fiction? Do you like Corruption and Drug Dealers and the Mafia? Then you’ll like Scott Sigler’s self-published book, The Rookie.

This book is available by podcast, but I’m a fan of having paper in front of me.

This particular book was something new for me because it’s the first book I went out to buy with the specific intent of picking up a limited edition hard back for posterity’s sake. There’s plenty of valuable books on my shelves from an emotional perspective, but not too many that might be intrinsically valuable somewhere down the road.

I think the value might come out of the rad-awesome number of my book.
Author Signature and Numbered Stamp

The story? Good. Especially if you like football, but you don’t need to enjoy football to like this book.

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