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Favorite Photo of Last Week

We went to Wisconsin to attend my second-cousin-once-removed’s wedding (hi Kristin!). This was one of the images I captured at the reception. More can be found at my flickr set

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Funny Words and Phrases

I occasionally have the realization that a word or phrase that I’ve been using for a long time is—well, funny. For example, “Sluggish”: Like a slug. You my friend are as to a slug. The river is moving like a … Continue reading

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Not Likely

Contrary to the silence that has echoed on the Eyebrow recently, I have been doing stuff. This stuff involves other stuff, and stuff further defined by additional stuff. A lot of this stuff is blog-worthy, but recently I’m just not … Continue reading

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How Do You Spend Your Time

The NY Times has a fascinating interactive graphic for how Americans spent their time in 2008. How Different Groups Spend Their Day

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