Uniform Dress in Schools

There’s an article in this morning’s AJC about schools in the Atlanta Metro area adopting dress standards. No uniforms, but a uniform look. Go read it if you want to know more.

What I like about this article is the following quote

At Simonton, principal Dot Schoeller said, her message is: “If you come to school in play clothes, you’re here to play. If you come in professional clothes, then you’re here to work.” She’s been heaping compliments on the older students, telling them they could pass for “college kids.”

She must have gone to a different college than me. Or any other college I’ve been to, ever.

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One Response to Uniform Dress in Schools

  1. Rob Cain says:

    Or maybe she went to college in the 1950′s, I hear all the students wore suits back then. Most people in my 9 AM engineering classes wore pajamas. Guess they were there to sleep!

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