Not Likely

Contrary to the silence that has echoed on the Eyebrow recently, I have been doing stuff. This stuff involves other stuff, and stuff further defined by additional stuff. A lot of this stuff is blog-worthy, but recently I’m just not that interested in sitting for long periods of time and blogging about it. I’m sure this phase will pass, but for now you’ll just have to deal with my dribs and drabs.

Such as this: GI Joe, The Rise of Cobra was surprisingly watchable. It helped that I went in with the sort of expectations that you should carry if you’re seeing a movie that is based on a cartoon that is based on a toy. That said, for a PG-13 action CGI flik, not too bad. Dennis Quaid, as General Hawk, had some lines that honestly made me cringe (how can good actors agree to say lines like that? Right! They’re paid to do it) and the lead character had the acting ability of a plank, but I’ll still stick with my determination of “watchable”.

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