Delta New Fee: Sucks to be Offline, or Poor

Delta, US Airways, United all enact a Poor Person’s Fee on checked baggage.

“But starting Aug. 4, Delta will start charging those who pay for checked bags at airport ticket counters, kiosks and curbs…”

The fee is an additional $5 if you don’t do it online.

Usually I try to keep my blog a bit free of the potty, but the only response I have here is “motherfuckers”. This one angers the crap out of me! I could swallow an additional fee if it were couched differently, but this one is so weasely worded it pisses me off.

So, if for some reason you’re not booking online, checking in online, doing everything online, you’re going to be punished by the airlines. Welcome to the brave new world. Now, where do I sign up for that chip in my head?

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3 Responses to Delta New Fee: Sucks to be Offline, or Poor

  1. Amy says:

    Took the airlines a whole lot longer than my local credit union to get there. Summer 2001 they went to a new policy that instituted a $6 monthly fee if you didn’t have a combined balance of $2,500 (savings, checking, loans, etc.). The other way out, do everything online, at an ATM, or one of their OneTouch machines that prints checks and such, never speaking to a person.

  2. Sharon says:

    One of these things is not like the others…

    I understand about the ticket counters, and curbside, because they take personnel. But to charge for the kiosks at the airport?? It’s the “you better have a working printer” tax. On the other hand, this might make the internet cafe business model viable again.

  3. john saunders says:

    Delta is the most horrible airline in the US system. On the last 3 flights I have had the misfortune and stupidity to fly on Delta they have lost my baggage. Now they call it delayed but when I arrive and my bags go on vacation somewhere else for a few days I call it lost. And to insult me even further they refused to waive and refund the $15 fee I had to pay for them to lose the damn baggage in the first place. I don’t know what zoo closed and provided them the baggage chimps they have but they certainly need to recruit heavily at the junior highs to replace them all.

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