Why do I hate Atlanta?

Despite the title of this post, I do not hate Atlanta. In fact, I feel that the Atlanta Metropolitan Area (AMA, to include an 11 to 18 County area, depending on who you ask; more than just Atanta, city of) has a great deal to offer. It is one of the best, if not the best places I’ve ever lived. Some of my readers might call this blasphemy, and I’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons of New England and New York and Texas vs. Georgia at some other time. For now, we’re talking Atlanta, baby!

Back to the title. Why do I hate Atlanta? It’s because of my feedreader.Apparently, I hate Atlanta Blogs. I follow a number of blogs from people talking about cool things happening in places that I can’t get to: LA, NYC, Philly, DC, Chicago, N. California, London, Vancouver/Seattle/Portland NW Corridor, to name a few. Whenever they announce something way cool that’s going to happen this weekend, or that weekday evening I get all “that would be AWESOME, but I don’t live anywhere near there” inside. Sadness follows. I have none for the AMA.

One thing that could alleviate this feeling of malaise would be to follow more blogs from local AMA peeps, but they have to be worth reading. I’m particular about whose blog I read. It has to be interesting and relevant; the only people I follow just for life updates are friends I’ve already made.

So, I have a new mission, to be undertaken as time permits. Find Atlantan blogs that are interesting and topical and discuss things to do around here that are made of righteousness and awesome. Any suggestions?1

1: Just in case people think I’m raising Evil Eyebrow up to the level of the previously mentioned awesome blogs, I’d have to say I consider it a second-tier randomness blog first, a triathlon blog second and a personal blog last. If someone asked me the question I posed above, mine would not be on the list of responses, unless I knew they were into multisport.

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