Fun New Interchange Designs

I’m working with CORSIM this week. It is a microsimulation traffic modeling software that can tell you from a stochastic standpoint how well the traffic is going to move on your proposed roadway after certain improvements are installed.

One of the outputs of this software is a simulation that let’s you watch the cars run around. It’s a good debugging tool and display, and to that end, you can mess with the curvature of what would otherwise be straight point to point lines. Needless to say, you can screw it up.

Here’s what I ended up with while trying to get a nice arc out of that loop ramp.
New Ramp Design_small

This would probably increase congestion because people would go out of their way to drive on it. But, for the coup de grace…

New Ramp Design1_small

I was highly entertained when both of these popped up. I confess, however, that the second one was done on purpose, just to see what it would spit out.

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