Don't Walk on the Tracks

Don’t walk on busy train tracks, especially while wearing earphones.

A 17-year old in Barrow County, GA, was struck and killed by a CSX train last weekend. Apparently, he might have been wearing headphones.

I remember playing on the tracks in Manchester, NH when I was a teenager, but I always kept in mind that a train might be along. I tried the coin-flattening trick a few times (and discovered that it’s hard to find the coin afterward; use gum to stick it to the tracks) and pelted box cars with snow balls in the winter.

Hopefully this was an accident, although the AJC makes the veiled suggestion that it might have been suicide.

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  1. Steve says:

    Railroad tracks are not only dangerous to walk on, but to do so is considered trespassing, since the right-of-way is the property of the railroad.

    Several years ago, an AJC photographer shot a picture of 2 boys walking along Norfolk Southern railroad tracks in Gwinnett. As soon as NS saw the article (which included the boys’ names), the railroad police cited them for trespassing and gave them a lecture about why it is unsafe to walk and play on the tracks at any time.

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