Bones: Shark Jumpage

We’ve been watching Fox’s Bones since the first episode. The first two seasons were good. The third, which ended tonight, was a festering turd that stunk up my living room.

Unfortunately, we were so invested that we refused to declare it deceased when we should have, about seven episodes ago. We, at one point, did swear a pact that if the next episode weren’t up to par, we’d stop watching. The writers, unfortunately, pulled something less stinky out of their butts and managed to snare us in for another five or six episodes. However, the last two of the season placed us solidly on the “never watch again” pedestal.

We were astounded with how badly the writers treated the characters this year. It was like the writers had never watched the show and didn’t give a crap about development. They had the characters doing things that they would never have done, or had already progressed through. It was crazy.

Therefore, no more Bones. It was fun while it lasted. On to something else.

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5 Responses to Bones: Shark Jumpage

  1. Annie says:

    Yeah, I missed the first 2 minutes of last nights episode & was forever trying to figure out what exactly the whack-a-do writers were doing. Other than the last 5 seconds, it was more a mid-season snooze episode than a season finale.

    I like the show, but I have huge issues with Bones’ character. For an anthropologist, she’s rather clueless about some cultural stuff.

  2. kristin says:

    We only made it thru the first 15 minutes of last nights episode before switching to hockey. it’s still on the DVR, but I’m not sure I want to go back and finish it. it was truly horrible. I had been enjoying this season up to this point, although not as much as the first two seasons.

  3. Chris says:

    Indeed, the Weekend at Bernie’s episode a few back had K and I wishing we had that hour of our life back.

  4. Bill Ruhsam says:

    @Chris: Oh My God, I’d totally blocked that episode out of my memory. Thanks for reintroducing it. Now I’m scarred.

    The Pain!

  5. Marion says:

    I was HUGELY disappointed in the finale this season. There were so many things that they could and (and should have) done and they didn’t address ANY of them!

    As I was watching it all I could think was, “THIS is that they came up with for a finale? WTF?”

    I can’t believe anyone o.k.’ed that episode for mid-season let alone for a season finale!

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