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Divergence of Description

Fascinating divergence of description. >From Georgia.Gov: Marietta was one of the cities Union General William Sherman spared before going to burn Atlanta in 1864. Today Marietta is home to four National Historic Districts listed on the National Register of Historic … Continue reading

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Bones: Shark Jumpage

We’ve been watching Fox’s Bones since the first episode. The first two seasons were good. The third, which ended tonight, was a festering turd that stunk up my living room. Unfortunately, we were so invested that we refused to declare … Continue reading

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"Two Men Enter; One Man Leaves"

I received this error while running a simulation today: Warning: at Node 108, 5 lanes enter, but 4 leave. That gave me some serious flashbacks to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

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Test Post

This is a test email posting!

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