It’s a tradition when you’ve done it twice, right?

In this case, my new tradition is to count, stack, and wrap the coins that have accumulated in my presence.

My Favorite Coin

The last time I did this was when we had just moved to Lubbock and I was in the middle of six months of unemployment. Now that I’m unemployed again (temporarily) I decided to count up and deposit all the change that has piled up since 1999. The pictures I took are over at my flickr set, but the one here is my favorite. I just love the Washington Quarter. All the special state quarters are nice, but this one retains my devotion.

How much was wrapped up in all that change? Well, let’s just say that I don’t need to worry about next month’s natural gas bill.

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4 Responses to Tradition!

  1. Annie says:

    Wow! Impressive pictures & amount of money. That much change doesn’t build up in our house. We’ll buy the paper & I’ll frequently buy lunch with the quarters.

  2. Bill Ruhsam says:

    Well, except for the car change which occasionally comes into play, I rarely spend any coin that arrives in my hands. In fact, I usually just hand it to Jenn. But, anything that does make it back to my office gets dumped into a jar (pictured here) and sits until I do something with it. Clutter at its best.

  3. Kim says:

    We have a huge plastic Coke bottle that we keep our change in. It’s our retirement vacation fund (as in we’re not likely to take a vacation until we retire, gotta love the Army).

    I bet it has a couple hundred in there. And it’s only six or eight inches deep. It’s heavy – I hate lugging it around when we move (we empty it into something more manageable and that takes less space), but we’re certainly not trusting it to the movers!

  4. David says:

    Wow, that’s a pretty significant chunk of change there. :-P I agree that the Washington quarter is the classic standard by which all others should be judged. Also, the older quarters have a bit of extra weight to them. It reminds me of a time when a quarter could buy you a phone call or a soda. :-/

    I didn’t know you had any interest in numismatics. I myself was quite the avid philatelist at one time. [/classic nerd]

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