Party! And Toothpicks!

Jenn and I are hosting a cookout at our house on May 9th. You’re invited. Let us know what you’re bringing. Call to let us know.

On top of the cookout/social gathering/bonfire aspects of a normal Jenn/Bill party, we’re doing something new this year. We’re hosting the:

Ith Toothpick Bridge Building Contest

I’ve alluded to this previously. But now there are rules! Basic rules. They are thus:

1) All toothpick bridges must be constructed of round toothpicks and white Elmers-brand glue. Not super-epoxies, please.

2) All bridges will be tested to destruction with a top-loading device. This device will place load upon the uppermost structure of the bridge and will probably be a bucket loaded with sand/ball bearings/molten lead. Build your bridge accordingly.

3) All bridges must mass 100 grams or less.

4) Span will be 12 inches or 30.48 cm if you prefer

5) There will be two categories of bridges. Simply Supported and Side Load. Basically, a simply supported bridge has only vertical reactions at it’s supports. A log resting on two other logs is simply supported. Side load bridges include arches, and anything else that thrusts outward at its anchors. Cable-stay and suspension bridges will be disallowed because we won’t have the facilities to test them properly.

6) Winning entries will be determined by the highest ratio figured by dividing the load at destruction by the mass of the bridge. Depending on the apparatus used to determine the mass of load, there may be a significant error bar and ties may occur.

7) Prizes will be…odd.

8) Mailed-in entries will be accepted. I’ve already got one commitment!

So, mark your calendars. We want to see those bridges!

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3 Responses to Party! And Toothpicks!

  1. James Cronen says:

    Not committing to anything, but I’m really tempted to enter.

    Hell, I’m really tempted to come to the party, but that’s not likely to happen.

  2. Cindy says:

    OOOH, The california crew wants to mail in an entry. Might even
    send food, but alas our bodies won’t make it.

  3. Annie says:

    *Pout* Not that anything I build would stand any chance at any survival, but can still be sad that I can’t be there. Don’t think I can manage heading to Georgia 3 times in a 6 month span (committed to D*Con in Sept & semi-committed to conference in Oct).

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