More News Story Complaints

I was reading this story today about droughts in Texas. It caught my eye because the first line said “LUBBOCK, Texas” where I used to live.

The fun part about this story is that there’s nothing even close to Lubbock in it! Most of the story focuses on the Hill Country and areas west of San Antonio. That’s about 300 miles away from Lubbock. It would be similar to me decrying the fate of the weather in Louisville, Kentucky as it relates to Atlanta. In other words, not at all alike.

The closest they get to Lubbock is at the very end when they talk about a reservoir near San Angelo which is closer (160 miles) but still not close.

Is it too much to ask that the byline be geographically consonant with the story? This tells me that when I’m reading about areas I’m not familiar with, I’m being misled as to the context of the story. It does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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