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Job Transition

Earlier today, this was my business card. Now, I’m just plain ‘ol William M. Ruhsam, Jr., PE, PTOE Or, if you prefer, I have a more playful one. Unfortunately, due to the business climate around here, and to a couple … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is the (x)th anniversary of the Destruction of the Ring and the Fall of Sauron. Be thankful of all the oddly-idyllic Hobbits and their allegory friends.

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Party! And Toothpicks!

Jenn and I are hosting a cookout at our house on May 9th. You’re invited. Let us know what you’re bringing. Call to let us know. On top of the cookout/social gathering/bonfire aspects of a normal Jenn/Bill party, we’re doing … Continue reading

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Bailout Bonuses

While I’m opinionating, I’ll just say that today’s Xkcd sums up my opinion on the Bailout Bonuses as succinctly as possible.

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2009 Hugo Awards (Nominations)

The 2009 Hugo award nominations are up and available for viewing! Surprise of surprises, I’ve read three of the five best novel nominees. Best Novel (639 Ballots) * Anathem by Neal Stephenson (Morrow; Atlantic UK) * The Graveyard Book by … Continue reading

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Blog Downtime

I’m moving the blog today. Around noon, I’m going to pick up the directory and move it from its current home at to, a much more convenient url. I’ve never done this before; I don’t know what’s going … Continue reading

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As Promised

I’ve finally uploaded the two Librivox recordings to our server, for your listening pleasure: The Enchanted Canary -The Red Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang, read by moi. The Next Logical Step, by Ben Bova, again read by me. These are … Continue reading

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Yay! De La Tierra, a story I narrated for Podcastle, by Emma Bull, is up! Go listen. Tell me what you think. Or better yet, leave any comments over there on the forums or the posting.

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More News Story Complaints

I was reading this story today about droughts in Texas. It caught my eye because the first line said “LUBBOCK, Texas” where I used to live. The fun part about this story is that there’s nothing even close to Lubbock … Continue reading

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"The Next Logical Step"

I’ve recorded a public domain story for Librivox and posted it today. It is “The Next Logical Step” by Ben Bova. Ben Bova is a hailed prolific science fiction author and I was glad to snag this one for voice … Continue reading

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