Why Coding is Hard, Even When It's Easy

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There are days when I totally understand why people are afraid of computers.

Today is one of them.

I started with a very simple task: add an additional quicktag to the WordPress editor for my own use. I’ve done this before. It’s really bloody simple. Just add an additional piece of code inside your WordPress blog. As long as you can do a google search and aren’t afraid of digging around in the code, this is a snap.

Or at least, it was a snap back when I did it the last time. This time it didn’t work. It should have worked. I double checked my syntax on the 5 lines of code that I freaking copied and pasted. I double checked the WordPress codex. I double double checked the code again. I banged my head a few times. I swore and cursed. There was no noticeable change happening because of my addition.

Finally, I did what any coder would do, I started to try and effect any change that would evidence my having altered the code. I started commenting out important parts of the file I was working in. Still nothing. Did WP need to be “refreshed” or “restarted”, I thought to myself.

Then, I thought of the cache.

The goddamn cache was maintaining the old javascript.

I had banged my head on this simple easy child-like task for two hours and all I needed to do was clear the cache.


Don’t forget to clear the cache.

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