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Why Coding is Hard, Even When It's Easy

Keywords: WordPress, Quicktags, Cache, There are days when I totally understand why people are afraid of computers. Today is one of them. I started with a very simple task: add an additional quicktag to the WordPress editor for my own … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Things

One of the things that High School tried to teach me was note taking skills. It didn’t really take until I got to college and even then I didn’t have a good system until around late sophomore year. I ended … Continue reading

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NPR: Evil Plagiarists

Uh oh. According to Whil Wheaton, NPR has joined the evil ranks of evil evil plagiarists. Bill does not approve. Update: Apparently I should read the comments of WW’s post.

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Ith Toothpick Bridge Gathering

This year, I finally managed to go see the Toothpick Bridge Building Event at the Fernbank Science Center (I’ve tried, and missed, for three years; this year, success!). Several of us went, including myself, Jenn, Courtney, David and Alex. Everyone … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I created an homage to Xkcd by evaluating my experience reading Neal Stephenson’s Anathem. Well, I’m done. Overall, I think Neal Stephenson will be remembered as one of the premier scifi authors of this generation. That … Continue reading

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Hugo-Winning Novels == Blah?

I have a theory. My theory is that I don’t like Hugo winning novels. If you’re not familiar with the Hugos, it’s like the Academy Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy. There’s a whole bunch of categories, but the one … Continue reading

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Questionable Content

Last week was stressful. During that time, when I was incapable of doing productive things, I read the entirety of the webcomic “Questionable Content”. I found it to be one of the best soap-opera web comics out there and I … Continue reading

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Well, Duh!

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I love Xkcd

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