First Training Injury of the Year!

One of the challenges in training for an Ironman triathlon (so I’ve read) is staying healthy. I’m seen some uncited statistics that say 90% of all ironman-distance triathletes are injured in some fashion or another before race day. These uncited statistics never define “injury” so it’s difficult to figure what exactly they mean by it, but the 90% figure is unsurprising if you include everything that might make you adjust your training schedule. Bumps and scrapes and soreness don’t count; muscle pulls that make you switch from a weight session to an easy pool session do.

Yesterday I detected my first injury of the season (go me!). A slight muscle pull just medial and distal to the patella. No big deal, but it’s way to early in the year for me to push things. So no workout tonight, and probably none tomorrow unless I swim. I’ll get back to things on Friday.

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