Reason Number 1032 that iTunes just Sucks

I think iTunes is a piece of crap. My reasons are legion. One of the main ones is the sever use of DRM through the iTunes Store. There are ways around that, but it’s still a pain.

Likewise, if you rip a disc to your hard drive and don’t change any settings, the album is imported in an Apple-proprietary format, the AAC format. This is only useful so long as you stay with apple products. Again, not a friendly thing. You can get around this by setting iTunes to import using MP3 format.

But! Something I just learned. When you update the iTunes software, it automatically resets your setting back to AAC. So all those discs you’ve spent time ripping are in AAC rather than MP3, therefore entirely un-portable.

Bite me, Apple, inc. Bite me, Steve Jobs. You guys are not nearly all that.

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One Response to Reason Number 1032 that iTunes just Sucks

  1. David says:

    Here here! They can take their bloatware and shove it! I’m dreading the day when my UMS Mp3 player gives up the ghost. I don’t want to have to get an ipod. But if I do, there’s always rockbox. I’ve always kind of hoped that eventually you’d be able to build your own mp3 player the way people build their own desktop pc’s. We shall see.

    Meanwhile, I hope Mozilla Songbird does to iTunes what Firefox has done to Safari and IE. Sadly, it has a ways to go.

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