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On "Journalism" and "Science Education"

This is a rant post. I “read” the article today about the Alaska “Volcano” that might go “kablooie” soon. The second sentence “annoyed” the crap out of me. Why? Here’s the “quote”: The Alaska Volcano Observatory said in a … Continue reading

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A Story in Spirit

I get the JPL news alerts. They frequently have to do with the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Today they reported that Spirit is having some difficulties. The full text is here, but here is a quote: On Monday, Spirit’s … Continue reading

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Well Begun, Half Done

Something must have happened today while I was at work because this is the view outside my window. As I mentioned on twitter, it rained hard today, so I’m surprised they found time to do any work at all. At … Continue reading

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"That's not a pool…"

“This! is a pool.”

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Remembering Challenger

Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger’s last launch. I was in sixth grade english class when I heard about it. You? My family watched the first 13 shuttle launchings from our house in Satellite Beach, Florida. … Continue reading

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Randall Munroe vs. Bill Watterson

I think Randall Munroe has been reading Calvin and Hobbes recently. Tell me I’m wrong (although the second one is explicit).

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Tonight, there will be cake.

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Roof! Roof!

We’re having our roof redone. The existing roof dates back to the construction of the home (1988) and was only a contractor’s roof to begin. It’s time for it to go. This is a good shot of the existing roof. … Continue reading

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Racism in Children's Stories

I recently finished recording a story for LibriVox. I rather randomly selected a project to work and had the moderator assign me something to read. I ended up with “The Enchanted Canary” from the Red Fairy Book. I recently picked … Continue reading

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Ironman Training

My Ironman training is proceeding apace. I’ve been doing strength and some base training since December. I’m about 4 weeks away from switching to a maintenance cycle on the strength workouts and ramping up more sport-specific training. The concentration at … Continue reading

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