Direct Consequences of Bad Design

Simon Whitfield, Canadian Triathlete, has posted on his blog about the frustrations inherent in keeping up with his athlete location reporting system.

This is a great example of poor electronic design causing hardship. He is an athlete who is already under great stress to train and compete, plus deal with all of the myriad other life stresses that come along. Do you think that an Olympic medalist needs this sort of added, unnecessary, headache in order to be a top athlete? I don’t.

We all deal with crap like this on a day to day basis, if we spend any time in front of a computer. In fact, I received a Piece ‘O Shit pdf from my flexible spending account manager this morning that was chock full of crazy links and unexpected features (it’s a pdf, dudes, not a hypertext!). But when a national government actively reduces the ability of its national athletes to perform, they might want to consider farming out the work to a competent firm.

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