Yo Olde Dead Hickory

IMG_3467Nine days ago we finally had a large dead tree removed from our front yard area. This had been hanging over the house (literally) since summer. My dad had come to visit and we were sitting on the front porch when he said, “I think that tree is dead.” I looked up at this large tree (kind of hidden in the forest a bit) and realized that yes, this large hickory tree was indeed deceased and prepared to split our house in twain at the next wind storm.

The dudes who showed up to do the work were fast and professional. The only words I needed to know were “Esta bien!” They were also cheap, at least compared to the other quotes I’d received. I think the tree service industry has a bit of a lull in the winter.

You can see the flickr set here.

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2 Responses to Yo Olde Dead Hickory

  1. Annie says:

    A winter lull in your area, likely. I passed at least a dozen tree crews on Thursday on my way to PT and to school. After the ice that came through Wednesday (after parts around here got hit bad last week from the ice on 12/11), there was quite the tree carnage.

  2. Bill Ruhsam says:

    Yes. Not a lot of trees coming down around here due to snow. Of course, when it *does* snow, things collapse like soufles, leaving trees and limbs and crap everywhere.

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