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Direct Consequences of Bad Design

Simon Whitfield, Canadian Triathlete, has posted on his blog about the frustrations inherent in keeping up with his athlete location reporting system. This is a great example of poor electronic design causing hardship. He is an athlete who is already … Continue reading

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Here's What I'm Doing. You?

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Merry Christmas

Here’s wishing everyone who’s not near me a Happy Christmas. Merry Yuletide, etc.

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My Desk

This is what my desk looks like when I’m creating traffic diagrams. Surrounded by thousands of dollars worth of equipment and software and still the best way to do what I’m doing right now is to just mess with pen … Continue reading

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BMI (what?!)

Holy Crap! I’m “overweight”. My Body Mass Index (BMI) is 25.1, which just smidgeons into “overweight”. Bastards. Now I have all sorts of issues for which I’ll need therapy.

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Help! Asking for CSS/PHP Help…

You may notice that the previous post on the main page totally screws up the blocking with the one before it. I am a sufficiently noobish CSS person that I don’t know how to make it right. Anyone want to … Continue reading

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Coldest Run of the Year (so far)

28° Bleah. Hopefully we won’t have too many more of those. That being one of the benefits of living in the south. This is my get up for nights like this.

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Yo Olde Dead Hickory

Nine days ago we finally had a large dead tree removed from our front yard area. This had been hanging over the house (literally) since summer. My dad had come to visit and we were sitting on the front porch … Continue reading

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ATC 5k Cross Country Run

I’m way behind on some of the Standard Update Blogging™ that I usually do. For everyone’s sake, most especially me, I’m throwing it all out and only doing the latest race: The Atlanta Track Club Grand Prix Series Milton High … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

Tomorrow, December 21, at 7:04 Eastern Standard Time (plus or minus a few for inaccurate clocks) is the winter solstice. This is the day when the sun, at noon local time, will be at 90° azimuth over the horizon (i.e. … Continue reading

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