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Very Annoyed with Myself!

I was at Ironman Florida, as you might recall. Jef Mallet of Frazz was also there, and he was a competitor! He turned in an 11:02:53 which is a time to which I can only aspire, right now. While it … Continue reading

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One of the reasons I like this comic:

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Election Maps

I was looking for an election map that was tallied by precinct and had a color code that indicated the percentage of the popular vote going one way or the other. I didn’t find it. But I did find a … Continue reading

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Elections; Speeches; Moving On

Last night was the first time I stayed up until the polls closed and the election was called since 1988. The elections between that one and this one just didn’t have the draw for me. I was perfectly willing to … Continue reading

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Ironman Florida 2008

Jenn and I attended Ironman Florida in Panama City Beach last weekend. The purpose was two-fold: first, to be there to sign up for the race in 2009; second, to watch the race. My flickr photo set is available here, … Continue reading

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Polling Location Demographics

In an exhaustive survey of one polling location, this intrepid researcher notes that the poll worker average age was about half what it was the last few times he voted. There was an honest-to-god teenager working the poll when I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jenn!

Jenn turns 33 today. Wish her condolences for no longer being two to the fifth years old.

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Election Dungeoneering

McCain needs to roll a double zero today, according to FiveThirtyEight.

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