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Meyers-Briggs Blog Analyzer

This website will analyze a blog for its Meyer’s Briggs type. Amusingly enough, this blog is an ESTJ, which just so happens to be what I was ranked the last time I was tested. Seems there may be some validity … Continue reading

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Audio Interface Saga

Back in August, we decided that if we really are going to do this podcasting thing, we should invest in better equipment than a $40 logitech headset. Don’t get me wrong: that $40 headset was great for what we needed … Continue reading

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Tour de Georgia Canceled

The 2009 Tour de Georgia, a multi-part cycling race akin to the Tour de France, has been canceled. It was apparently due to financial considerations. This is disappointing on a purely selfish level. Watching the race was a lot of … Continue reading

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Ironman 2009

I don’t believe I’ve made an official announcement about something that’s going to have a serious impact on my life(s) in the next twelve months. I’ve talked about it. I’ve mentioned it. I’ve alluded to it, but I’ve never made … Continue reading

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No Worse Person to Lead

Governor Sarah Palin has got to be the recent political world’s biggest scam artist. She has certainly risen to her level of incompetence. For example, I present a quote, concerning the Federal Bailout and her opposition to…something about it (I’m … Continue reading

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Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse

This is a shout out to Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse in Augusta, GA for having great hospitality to an out-of-towner cyclist. They gave me a place to change, pump my tires and fill up my water bottle. Thanks guys!

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WizKids goes Kerplooey!

If you’re a fan of the Pirates trading card game, I recommend some thinking. WizKids has gone under. What this will mean for their various lines of products? Who knows. But I wouldn’t be willing to bet that any particular … Continue reading

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Write or Die!

I came across this amusing tool today. I’m using it right now for a traffic study, although I’ll have to set the tolerance to “nice” because my reports require me to pause a lot and gather information from other places. … Continue reading

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Win a Chain Mail T-Shirt

Sounds like a cool marketing ploy. Win a Chain Mail shirt

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Newsweek. Campaigining. Obama

Doubtless this will be making the rounds, but Newsweek has the inside scoop on the campaigns of both candidates. I’ve only gotten through page one of the first item, but so far it is worth it.

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