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I have it on good authority (the editor, Rachael, tells me so) that the story I read for PodCastle will be posted today. (edit: here’s the link)

PodCastle is the Fantasy sibling/spinoff to EscapePod. The story I read is called “It Takes a Town” and no, it’s not about Hillary Clinton’s book. It’s about a small rural town taking the space program into their own hands. A bit of a scifi/fantasy edge novel, but I think you’ll agree that it comes down on the fantastic side after listening.

Let me know what you think! Reading the story was a lot different from doing my Talking Traffic recordings. When I record my own writings, it’s easier to go with the flow and to re-write spontaneously. When reading someone else’s writing, you have to do every single word correctly, and that turned out to be more difficult that I imagined. There were parts of the story that took more than a few attempts to get right. Luckily, I know Steve Eley (who’s the editor of EscapePod and the founder of PodCastle and PseudoPod) who has a sweet microphone setup. Unluckily, he lives 40 minutes away, which doesn’t lend itself to second takes of the recording. A few areas of the story I could have done with re-recording, but overall, I’m satisfied. Next time will be better. And, according to my email, there will be a next time. With spanish!

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