John Scalzi in the Man!

John Scalzi was at Dragon*Con this year, promoting his latest book, Zoe’s Tale. In his reading session on Sunday, he read the first chapter of High Castle.


I’m 100% certain that the chapter would not have been as funny if I had picked up the book at read it myself. John’s delivery was (can I say it?) fucking awesome with a few extra fuckings thrown in. His reading of the chapter makes me want to build a time machine tomorrow so I may move forward to Fall ’09 and read the book (which is when it is slated to be published. Woe is us.)

Later on, I popped over to the author signing room to get my copy of Zoe’s Tale signed by the man himself. Amusingly enough (I blame this entirely on the non-obvious setup inside the room) I totally skipped the line and walked directly up to the table where John Scalzi was signing the book of someone else. He gave me this very strange look and that’s when I realized that there was a whole line of people busy melting me with their eyes. I would have been dust if their Evil Eyes had been functioning correctly.

Needless to say, I apologized profusely and went to the back of the line. John was nice enough to memorialize the event with his signature.
Scalzi Signature

If you can’t read it it says: “Bill – I’m signing this even though you are a bossy bossy line jumper. Go and sin no more.”

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