Saturday Chores

The Saturday/weekend following Dragon*Con is usually about catching up on stuff that hasn’t been caught up on in a while1. Case in point, shining shoes.

Shoes being Shined

I take reasonably good care of my shoes, but I don’t work in an office that is shirt/tie, so I usually only touch up the polish and buff them up. However, I occasionally pull out the whole rig and go full bore into getting the shine back into top notch condition.

One of the things that I never learned growing up was how to shine shoes well. I’ve managed to stumble my way into a good skill set2, but I wonder if I was never taught, or if I just don’t remember. I’ll have to ask dad.

1One of which was obviously not, “Finish blogging about Dragon*Con”
2Tools include a buffing brush, a polish brush, a rag, a can of black polish (even on my brown shoes) and cotton balls. Very simple.

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2 Responses to Saturday Chores

  1. Chris says:

    And spit! Spit really does help! Particularly in the buffing stage after the polish has been rubbed in and the excess removed. (I’m not sure if there is something unique to saliva or if a decent water bottle would work.)

    Do you subscribe to shoe warming prior to polishing?

  2. Bill Ruhsam says:

    Water is for me. No spit.

    I’ve never tried warming up the shoes. That seems like it’s a bit over the top for my process.

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