This year, I arrived a Dragon*Con with an 8 Gb compact flash card in my camera. This let me do two things:

  1. Buckle to the pressure and shoot in RAW + JPG
  2. Not need to switch out the card during the weekend

Unfortunately, it takes a long time to download ~7 Gb to by computer through the card reader on my computer. It’s been going for 1.5 hours now and I think it’s about 70% done.

I didn’t shoot the Dragon*Con parade (which I’ll explain later) so I managed to not need to switch out the card during the weekend. With my Canon Digital Rebel XT shooting on RAW + JPG, I had around 540 images to take. If I’d been at the parade, I know I would have exceeded that. So, for RAW, I need another 8 Gb flash card.

At least I didn’t do what I did last year which was sprint out to pay an exiorbant amount of money to Wolf Camera for three 1Gb flash cards (and borrow a battery from a very kind friend. Thanks Annie!)

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One Response to Slowly…waiting…dowloading….

  1. Chris says:

    Despite taking shots of the parade and shooting an extra 2MP per shot, I only managed a 3.8GB total.

    I blame too much time in costume.

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