Jenn Has a Mac (for a little while)

Jenn's Temporary Laptop

My wife rocks.

Why does she rock, exactly? She rocks because she applied for, and was awarded, the iTunes University grant wherein she gets a Mac laptop for the semester and her students get iPods. It’s all in the name of education, though, because she will be using these tools to teach her students about multimedia publication and education, i.e. podcasts1. Podcasts such as Talking Traffic, say, or Screenspace!

Also throughout the semester, Jenn will be doing a new thing where her online class space will be a blog. You can go check it out and eventually listen to student and professor podcasts, if you care to. You can’t comment, however; that requires Dr. Jenn to allow you and I don’t believe she’s opening this to the general public.

1I misspelled “podcasts” as “podcats” which lead me to a google search on same. I think my favorite of all the results is Switchblade Kitten.

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