RSS is Making me Go Gray

If you read the Eyebrow through a feedreader, you already know that the images, formatting, bullets, etc., do not come through. You get an undifferentiated mob of text, which is highly unsatisfying because I have gone though HUGE efforts to provide you with delicately formatted content. It upsets the content to be squashed back together. It cries.

I’ve been trying to fix this problem off an on for months now. I have now officially given up. I’ve posted a question to the WordPress Forum about this issue, but if you have any insight into this, I’d be delighted to hear it.

The killer thing about this is that it all seems to be working. The feed ( looks like it is supposed to. The feed is going out to all of my subscribers, so why aren’t they getting more than just plain text!?2 Argh!

1Don’t get on my case about the crazy URL. One of my to do list items is to shift the Eyebrow to a lower directory on our server, but it’s a low item on the list
2Did you see that? I used an interrobang!

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