Courteous Mass Atlanta

Portable StereoOn Friday, Jenn, Me, David, and Sharon participated in Courteous Mass Atlanta. This was the second attempt at Courteous Mass here in the A.T.L. and it was apparently much more quick.

What is a Courteous Mass? It’s a derivative of the Critical Mass movement, with less civil disobedience. Critical Mass is a movement of bicyclists in major cities to emphasize how dependent on automotive traffic a city is and how much better a bicycle is for internal commuting. I support the basic goal of the movement, but I don’t like the tactics some cities have developed.

Beer at Gordon BierschCourteous mass is still a large group of cyclists biking through a metropolitan area, but we do it in a fashion that obeys traffic laws and respects the rights of way of motorized vehicles and pedestrians. I think that is a much better way to gain respect and increase the awareness of cycling.

Afterwards, we drank beer. Beer is life.

Courteous Mass was sponsored/organized by the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign with is “making it safer and easier for you to ride a bicycle in metro Atlanta”. Check them out at their website.

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