I was reading an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution this morning concerning Georgia’s budget cutbacks. One statement in particular stood out:

Sen. Kasim Reed (D-Atlanta), said those new jobs should be reconsidered.

“I don’t know any organization that faces the kind of budget challenges we’re facing that doesn’t take a serious look at right-sizing itself,” Reed said. “We need to drill down and give some thought to whether our government is the right size or not.”

Ahhh, the concept of the “right size”. It’s good to avoid inflammatory language like “down size”. I’m also not sure how “drilling down” is relevant to the “right sizing” unless we’re changing up our menu options.


Well, I guess I shouldn’t nitpick too much. I’ve never been cornered by a reporter and asked to comment on an issue that will cause a lot of heartache and layoffs.

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