Google Streetview Captures Drunk

Thanks to Steph for pointing this out

Google Streetview has captured a moment of drunken unconsciousness in Australia.

My thoughts on this are: Public photography is legal (in the US) except for some very specific cases. If you’re drunk in a public space, or doing anything else, you’re available for photographic recording. If I, or Google, take a picture of you, you don’t really have much to say about it.

Of course, if I took a picture of someone in a compromising position, and that person requested I remove it from my Flickr stream or my blog, I’d consider the request. I might not acquiesce, but I would consider it.

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One Response to Google Streetview Captures Drunk

  1. Chris says:

    According to The Arts Law Centre of Australia Online, Australia does not, in general, protect the rights of a person to be photographed for non-commercial purposes. However, you could argue that Google Streetview IS a commercial purpose, so a modeling release may be needed.

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