Russia + Georgia = ?

I’ve been paying attention to the Russia/Georgia/South Ossetia war that’s going on and I’m trying to figure out (from my Oh So Worldly knowledge) what Russia’s angle is here.

Obviously you don’t go committing a division of troops without a good reason. I don’t know enough about the Republic of Georgia to understand what it is about the area that makes Russia want to either destabilize it or force a regime change (or to split of South Ossentia). Are they looking for weaker states on their borders to force them into economic satellite-hood? I’d think, just given their geography, that they already were. I’m assuming that Russia is Georgia’s majority trading partner, unless it’s Turkey. I really don’t know. I also assume that there’s no reason that Russia would want to conquer Georgia from a geographic standpoint. They’d acquire a couple Black Sea ports, a mountain range and a valley. I’m guessing that this is all political (which Clausewitz would say is the whole point of war).

Anyone have any knowledge or thoughts?

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2 Responses to Russia + Georgia = ?

  1. Jeff says:

    Oil. Plane and simple. BP has 3 pipelines that go through there one of which they’ve already shutdown. If you have one of the largest supplies of oil in the world and you like that it costs $10/barrel to get out of the ground and you can sell it for $140/barrel. The more you control of it, the better, right?

  2. Jeff says:

    When did I forget how to spell? “Plain and Simple”.

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