New Phone

New Phone
Jenn and I upgraded our phones today. We have Dashes, now. I chose this specifically so I wouldn’t have to fight the technology in order to sync up my Outlook tasks. So far, things seem to be a success.

Of course, T-Mobile pulled a lovely bait and switch on us. We showed up at the store to get the phones and the dude said, “You know there’s an $18 upgrade fee per phone, right?” I said (approximately) “Fuck no, you dirty donkey testicle!” ( I phrased it a bit more politely)

I fought with the T-Mobile dude on the phone for about 10 minutes and got him to refund half of the fee. I chalked that up as a win given I didn’t feel like spending hours on the phone arguing over $18. Why do companies treat their repeat customers this way? Doesn’t exactly build brand loyalty.

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