Lunch Time Brainstorming

Regarding my post yesterday about writing, I decided to brainstorm some story ideas. Feel free to chime in, if you want or to steal them for your own use (if you think they’re worthy).

  • Large Hadron Collider goes online. Mini black hole is formed. Hawkings radiation theory dispelled by apparent orbit of the mini black hole through the earth’s crust, mantle and core (have to work out the vector of the falling hole, how much friction would a black hole encounter?). Earthquakes, sudden disasters, how do we save the world? (Answer: DRAGONS! (I’m kidding))
  • Global warming fears entirely justified (see any trends here? Apocalyptic fiction anyone?) and sealevels rise (a lot). Global weather crisis. Population die offs and farming patterns shift. War, etc. U.S. either hardens into a dictatorship or breaks up in a bloody bloodbath (full of blood). Result = russian + canadian ascendancy due to fortuitous farming climate… must know politics.
  • Robot overlords emerge from hiding places and reveal their dastardly plan: control the entire human race through internet addiction. Plot and results somethign like Idiocracy, but with more robots.
  • Third age of humans underway: Ascent to technological society after repeated cycles back to stone age. Discovery that previous falls caused by discovery of Time Travel and the attendant paradoxes that are inevitable. Quest to stop the research without anyone knowing why. (man that sounds bad even to me)
  • Baseball great Sammy Sosa is called to save an alien race. (ummm…why? My brain is coming up with weird stuff)
  • The year 3020. Humans have colonized moon and mars planets. The difficulty in travel and separate locations is leading to the speciation of the human race into Homo Sapiens Sapies, Homo Sapiens Luna and Homo Sapiens Ares. People don’t like each other. Asteroids start getting thrown around. (new arms race?)
  • Future: Olympic games now completely dominated by pure-bred, nano-enhanced, steroid-popping, super athletes who are an entire separate caste from normal humans. born and trained in isolation, one emerges to discover what humans are really like. (sounds like “Twins”)

Wow. That’s ten minutes of mind mapping. Go me.

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One Response to Lunch Time Brainstorming

  1. Chris says:

    Of course dragons can’t save the world in the first scenario. Nano-enhanced super dragons… maybe.

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