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Dragon*Con Prep

Today is the last day pre-Dragon*Con which means there is plenty to do to get ready: Sleep – Won’t be doing much of that at the Con. I maintain about a 4 AM to 8 AM unconsciousness schedule Charge – … Continue reading

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More Photo Archive Fodder

I love this picture. I drove past this a few times while traversing the Lubbock, TX to Birmingham, AL southerly route (the northerly route goes through Oklahoma City and avoids this spot). This is Louisiana off of I-20.

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Public Key Encryption

Because I solved the issue I was having with Thunderbird, I’m ready to publish my public key for all and sundry to use. What does this mean? Well, from now on the emails you receive from me will be digitally … Continue reading

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Two things I learned on Sunday

I learned two particular things on Sunday: Fixing the vinyl in your car is not easy to do well Wrapping your handlebars, while not complicated, requires practice The second of these items is by far the most important to me. … Continue reading

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Re: my last post, I’m very disappointed that no one has done anything interesting with Somebody has purchased it and is willing to sell it, I’m guessing. I’ll be they snapped it up in hopes some medial firm would … Continue reading

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Why I Despair Sometimes for Technology

I nearly shot Mozilla Thunderbird with my imaginary ray cannon this morning. This is why. I am a hip, with-it, capable-of-adapting, technology person. I am a beneficiary of a middle class American upbringing and a private engineering college education. I … Continue reading

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For your consideration, I present to you today’s Distressing Childhood Memory. The SANTA Project. Truly a tough blow to the believers out there.

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I'm not a Blogger Today

I’m feeling down-blogged today, so in lieu of a real post, here’s a picture of my cat. I have this image on the wall in my office.

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Favorite Photo of the Week

For once, my “Favorite Photo” was not taken by me. (Actually, for twice) I think this is a great picture of Jenn and I, ready to head off on our triathlon. Awesome image.

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Peachtree City Triathlon 2008 Recap

Photo Credit to Schoschie Yesterday, Jenn and I participated in the 2008 Peachtree City Triathlon. This was our second running of this race. Overall, it was excellently organized and run1. There were 1,100 racers with all their equipment packed into … Continue reading

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