Comment Spam; "Thanks Akismet!"

Here is one day, approximately 24 hours, of the spam caught by Akismet, which automatically kills comments that it thinks are Spam. To date, it seems to do a pretty good job for me.
Word Cloud of 1 day of Aksimet-caught Comment Spam for the Evil Eyebrow

I’ve heard rumors that it is very difficult to become rehabilitated if you accidentally get logged onto the Akismet auto kill list, but they’re only rumors.

Suffice to say, it seems that auto-spammers think I’m interested in Porn, Poker, Free stuff, Sex, and various other things. The “URL”, “Jul”, “Post”, “IP” and “Spam” words should be disregarded because those mostly came off of the Akismet screen on my blog management page. I didn’t bother to remove them. Too lazy.

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