The Crüxshadows have a new single coming out!

What, you’ve never heard of The Crüxshadows? Well, you must not be listening to Darkwave music. I confess that I, myself, do not listen to Darkwave music, with the exception of The Crüxshadows. However, they produce some excellent tunes which I’m more than happy to slap my ears on. In fact, they currently reside in the top 5 of our Most Albums by the Same Artist category for the house.

Crowdsurfing StormtrooperWe’ve seen the Cruxshadows most frequently at Dragon*Con, proud sponsor of the Crowd Surfing Stormtrooper, seen at left. We are looking forward to seeing them again, this Labor Day weekend.

If you buy any of their albums, buy their most recent one, Dreamcypher. That is their strongest complete album to date. Not that they don’t have treasures in the others. There’s good music all around.

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3 Responses to Cruxshadows

  1. Annie says:


    And I am so bummed that I have to do work stuff this Labor Day and won’t make it to Dragon*Con.

  2. Crowdsurfing Stormtrooper says:

    Funny, but against all odds you actually have me pictured on this page *twice*.

    Once in the crowdsurfing pic. Once again in the banner at the top, third from right. You can see one of the helmets lacks the ‘gills’ markings :)

  3. Bill Ruhsam says:

    @Crowdsurfing Stormtrooper: You’ll have to refresh the screen a few times in order to get the banner back. It’s on a random cycle.

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