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There's Profundity Here…

Zimbabwean Dollar worth more on Ebay than in real life. The 100 Billion Dollar note in Zimbabwe, which is approximately equivalent to $1.85 US Dollars, is worth somewhere around $40 on ebay. That’s profound.

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Yes, yes. I definitely did some damage. This is the nicest back muscle pull I’ve had since the last one, in 2006. Alas, it’s rest and recuperate time. I’m just beginning my marathon training for the Nike Women’s Marathon in … Continue reading

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What the Hell do I know?

The Mortgage Crisis™ and the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Bailout™ and their confluential conflagration are a great example of policy being set by politics, ideology and the media. Why? Because not 1% (and I bet less) of the people who are … Continue reading

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I Have Wiinjured Myself

Friday night strength class + Friday night Wii Bowling + Saturday Morning Wii Bowling = “ouch ouch ouch ouch Oh my back…”

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I'm Psyched about $3.92 Gas

It’s frightening. I got honestly excited because I had the privilege of buying $3.92 gas today, as opposed to the $3.95 from yesterday. Little victories. That’s what counts, right?

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One month from today is the 2nd anniversary of Pluto’s demotion from Planet status to lowly Dwarf Planet/Kuiper Belt Object. I’m thinking of doing a blog carnival, or having guest bloggers on board that day for a random series of … Continue reading

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Jenn got me a Wii for out anniversary1. My arm is sore from playing tennis. 1We decided that the five year anniversary gift of wood and/or is silver silly. Electronics is much more in vogue. I got her a camera.

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Bad Selection

Pharyngula once again delivers the fun. Rather than take you to the Pharyngula post directly (link), I’ll take you to the NY Times article that is linked from that post. It’s about how Natural Selection has been observed in recent … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of Last Week

This is Jenn, ready to hurry Meb along to a married state.

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Destroy! Before you get Eaten/Kidnapped/Killed

There’s a great BoingBoing short concerning the employment of the Fujitsu ME-P3M Hard-Drive destroyer. The story is very telling: Terabytes stacked on terabytes, all into the Fujitsu ME-P3M. The big old machine that Sarah had helped carry down here. Laughing … Continue reading

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