Jenn and I saw “Wanted” this evening. I’m sure our primary motivation to see this was Angelina Jolie, which shows what sort of literary taste we have.

Verdict: Not bad, but definitely not good. It’s a bloody action film with lots of un-ponderable and questionably crazy action bits. Doff your skeptic hat before you walk through the door and you’ll be fine.

If you’ve seen any of the previews then you know that this is about a group of assassins who are just so damn good that they can bend the flight of bullets by flinging their arms around while firing their weapons. My radar pinged on that one a bit because don’t bullets spin rapidly already? But I put that out of my mind. The only tooth-grinding unrealistic moment for me was when a passenger train car goes sliding down a gorge with it’s ends grinding against opposite rock walls and ends up stopping, intact and upright, before hitting the bottom. But, I took off my hat before going in, so I was ok.

Should you see it? Probably not in the theaters. Rent it. Much better to save the money to see “Hancock” twice.

Aren’t you glad you’ve got me who will go see these movies even knowing they will maybe suck?

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2 Responses to "Wanted"

  1. Ken says:

    I’m starting to enjoy your reviews as much as I enjoy Stephen Hunter’s in the Washington Post. I figure you’ve probably saved my wife & I about $18-$24 by now. =)

    Our choices this weekend were to watch Pixar’s latest offering or Angelina’s latest offering. The cute little garbage compactor won out. While I enjoyed some scenes (casting Sigourney Weaver as the ship’s computer, and Fred Willard as the corporate president were the highlights for me), it didn’t measure up to Ratatouille, Cars, or Finding Nemo. Pixar was a little heavy-handed in their eco-awareness tale.

    I look forward to the Evil Eyebrow review of Wall-E. Guess I’ll wait for Hancock next, but won’t raise my hopes too much (“Independence Day, Part 2, with washed-up superheroes?”)

  2. Bill says:

    Our pleasure. Jenn is off to see “Get Smart” tonight, without me, so she’ll give me the lowdown on that one.

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